Zoroastrian News came to existence at the beginning days of year 2007 with the help of some Zoroastrian youths whom are concerned about their religion and society.

The need for a site that can cite other sites’ news and information about Zoroastrians can be felt before the existence of Zoroastrian News.So Zoroastrian News Team was decided to build a place for all people (Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians) to share and spread the news about Zoroastrians.

Zoroastrian News goal is to help people know more about Zoroastrian through news and related articles about Zoroastrians and broadcast those to the whole world. We are a non-profitable group with the sole purpose of helping Zoroastrian communities, so please join us and help.
Zoroastrian News in intended to provide useful and up-to-date news about the Zoroastrians communities from all around the globe in our website in the wish of bringing Zoroastrians closer and assisting the next generations of Zoroastrians’ to become more involved in their fate.

Zoroastrian News is a website for all people, the founders of this site were just people like you and made a simple and easy to use place on the net for other to use and share their thoughts.

Zoroastrian News is not a web site with a lot of moderation and Joining it is easy, just go to the registration page and then you asked for an email and a username, then your password will be mailed to you, after that you can easily login to Zoroastrian News and publish your news about Zoroastrians. (for more detail help on joining us and publishing news we encourage you to read How to post ? page).

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